About Pretty Good Pictures. 

Pretty Good Pictures is a Dallas-based, smart and flexible production company.  We are happy to accommodate any creative process to meet our client’s needs.  Whether the process starts with an abstract idea or a polished storyboard, we are able to collaborate with your creative team to get your project off the ground and out the door.  We work well with others and are comfortable with any level of involvement a client requires for their vision to become a reality.  

Our experience has allowed us to source a broad base of professional crews throughout the country and especially in Texas.  We've shot all over, so putting together the talent and crew for a remote location isn't out of the ordinary for our team. We can handle shoots with permits and road closures, stunts and pyrotechnics, green screen and set builds, or we can do a small studio shoot for probably a lot less than you think.  

At Pretty Good Pictures, we are also happy to produce turnkey projects where we handle all talent and editing through our partnerships, so our clients can enjoy a single cost bid.


Who We've Worked With

Just a few of the companies we have worked with over the years.


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